Email Marketing

2022-2023 EMAIL SPECIAL!

For all NEW customers, for a limited time through 2022 into 2023, we are offering a PURCHASE BOOST bonus on all Email deployment services.
Order 25,000 records or more and get 25,000 bonus records for the same cost! No additional discounts applied. No wholesale pricing allowed.
Contact us today for details, some exclusions and restrictions apply.


Email and Opt-In Services

At our email and opt-in services feature a vast network of data partners and our own internal databases. These databases are comprised of billions of user profiles, with a massive market reach of nearly 75% of the actual US market! Unprecedented in the growing email marketing industry! On top of one of the largest data pools, we also offer award winning customer service with targeted counts in less than 6 hours while most are reported received within 30 minutes. Information turnaround gives our customers a HUGE competitive advantage. Time is money, so getting this information and data back to you faster is key to your success.

What this means for you?

As a client of this means that we have access to one of the largest verified pools of data available. We have numerous filters to apply and select from as well as various other databases with 1000’s of applicable interests to overlay as well as behavioral information on data such as car buying, home buying, renting, as well as life-style information.

Fine tuning the best target for your market

We draw our counts from our own database as well as a network of mailers and data partners. From that pool we can pull data from a massive list of filters, ethnicity, demographics, psychographics, select categories, interest categories, specialty lists, ailments and much more. Data is collected through a variety of methods, including surveys, co-registrations, direct registrations, mail-in offers, rebate cards, subscription services and more.

We draw from the total pool of available records depending on the situation and criteria for a job. Meaning we shop some of the biggest mailers in the US, with their licensed partners and data partners to put together the most comprehensive count possible for each project.


We know that for some businesses contacting other businesses and service providers that may need or want your service or product is vital. We have 100s of SIC and NAICS codes in our system to help you find the right industry for your next B2B project or list need. Whether it is a huge company or a small home-based business, at Hepcatsmarketing we can find the title, and the business you are looking for.

We have a total B2B universe of over 216 million Business profiles, with a unique count of 54.2 million unique business records. This allows us to have a big market penetration for B2B, and reach the businesses our customers want to target.

We offer plenty of categories to select from within our B2B marketing lists and databases. For more details please speak to a representative and be sure to request a count so you can see for yourself what separates us from the competition.


Email Delivery boasts high email delivery and inbox rates. We have great relations with ESPs and ISPs through-out our network and partnered networks we deliver with. All emails are throttled-back to ensure the best in inbox delivery possible – no mass amount of bulk issues here!

Online Tracking System

Once you decide to run a campaign through us you will have access to our online HepTrack® Online Campaign Tracking System. You will have a personal login to review any campaigns you have run with clicks, opens as well as the percentages of click to sent, and open to sent ratios. These online stats are updated from our redundant logging platforms on a 72-hour basis once the campaign has finished deployment. In some cases reporting will be uploaded sooner, depending on the size of the campaign and how many other orders we have running with it.