Does HepCatsMarketing.com guarantee work?

We guarantee your satisfaction on all of the work we perform to the best of our abilities. We use the information you provide to give you the best possible results and/or outcome for your project or marketing needs. No results, rankings, statistics, or sales are guaranteed with any form of marketing; if anyone states otherwise we would recommend seeking a second opinion.

Do you offer email marketing services?

HepCatsMarketing.com offers email list, email marketing, list management, and other digital and direct email services.

Are there any restrictions on file size for my materials that I submit for work?

The only limitations are when you try and email us a file that is larger than 5 MB (5,000 KB), as our email system wont allow it. If you have files that are larger than this, let us know and we can create an FTP account for you. The total file size(s) should not exceed 400 MB.

Do you offer hosting for my website?

We do not sell or resell hosting as a service as there is far too much competition in that arena already. Instead we have a very high-powered server farm collocated with 1and1 Internet services. All of our website design clients are given FREE hosting for 1 year, and after 1 year the hosting is billed at $20 per year per domain. If you do not need hosting it is not required that you use our hosting plans unless the technologies we have sold you require our particular server setup/configuration.

Do you guys do ASP.NET development?

At this time HepCatsMarketing.com works within the LAMP environment, which is Linux/Unix, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl/Python. We can work with windows servers that have PHP/Perl and/or MySQL or MS SQL as well. We do not currently work with ASP.NET or ASPX projects.

I see that you guys work with CMS sites, but I want something custom. Can you guys custom develop a site for me?

Yes we can. HepCatsMarketing.com’s team of PHP/HTML/CSS and Java/Javascript developers can build a custom web experience that you will be pleased with. We can build large or small and in almost any Linux/UNIX environment. We can work with Windows servers as well, but certain applications need to be present in order for our development to begin. Contact us if you have interest in a custom developed solution, if not please consider one of the CMS platforms that we work with.

Does HepCatsMarketing handle any AJAX coding?

Yes, HepCatsMarketing.com can handle anything from JQUERY, to a simple Pretty-Box execution. AJAX is fully supported. If your current sites uses AJAX and advanced CSS/JAVA please let us know the libraries that need to be used.

Can I advertise my site on HepCatsMarketing or any of it’s network of sites?

No, advertisement on the HepCatsMarketing.com network is not sold to any 3rd parties as we like to keep our main site(s) free of ads. This does not include all of our blogs, and main corporate site(s). We allow advertising to the right bidder, and companies as appropriate. You will see some ads on our networks, but never anything that takes away from the overall experience or presentation of our sites.

If I contract a website to be designed, how many pages are included and is there a limit on space?

Currently each site for the “Basic” web package is limited to 150 MB of space not including database. You are allowed to add as many pages as you need to for the website to be functional and meet your needs, however you should discuss this with your artist, developer and rep to figure out the best way to layout the content for your new site. Creating a lot of pages is good, but they all should mean something, and work for you not against you.

What types of payments do you take?

We can accept check, money order, ACH, Wire transfer, Visa, or Master card. We also accept Chase QuickPay.

Are all jobs prepaid?

No, we only require prepayment for first time buyers. Once your initial payment is received and you want to come back to us for additional work we can allow the payment to be either Net 15 or Net 30 depending on the price and your needs. All development jobs require at least a 50% deposit.

What if I change my mind?

If you decide that you do not want to do the work with us after making a partial commitment to a project we can refund your money within 72 hours of payment. If you do not request the refund within this time period we will assume that we are to proceed with the project and work will start on the date specified. If we have already started the work, we cannot refund the payments made, but we can halt the work and credit the paid amount to another project of your choice minus the hours already applied to the project that was cancelled. This does not apply to email marketing campaigns.

Do you give refunds?

No, Hepcatsmarketing.com has a no refund, no exceptions policy. If we have done something wrong or if we need to make up for a mistake that we made in some cases we may consider a partial refund, or partial credit depending on the situation and circumstances.

Do you accept partial payments or deposits?

Yes, we take partial deposits on larger jobs and can even allow for monthly payments for even larger projects. All deposits and partial payments are non-refundable. Our monthly payment plans are applicable for the following:

Website design over $3,000
Logo and re-branding over $1500

All payment plans must be paid in full prior to the full release of the project. This is not a loan or financing; no interest will be charged. All payments due on the 15th of every month. Please email us for inquiries related to payments and payment plans/instalments.